Young Archaeologists' Club


There are around 65 Young Archaeologists' Clubs in the UK. They are open to young people aged up to 17 who are interested in archaeology.


Young archaeologists take part in lots of fun activities including digging and learning about the past.


Manchester Young Archaeologists' Club

Do you like…Digging up the past?….Discovering new (and old) things?…..Enjoy getting your hands on the past?…..Are you aged between 8 and 16?


Then the Manchester branch of the Young Archaeology Club may be what you are looking for. Young Archaeology Club is based at the Manchester Museum.


We usually meet on the third Saturday of the month, often at the Museum, but if the weather is good, we like to get outside.


With our links with the Dig Greater Manchester team, we get digging on their excavations whenever we can.



If you want to find out more, then contact Clare Pye at the Manchester Museum:


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